Last month, AOR representative Lamarr embarked on a journey to Georgia to check-in with hip-hop luminary MC Shan. Known as the visionary behind the moniker “Cold Chillin’ Records” and the architect of the timeless anthem “The Bridge,” MC Shan transcends mere musical acclaim; he’s a cultural hero, revered and cherished on a national scale. Yet, beneath the glitz and accolades, Shan is remarkably down-to-earth—a perfect blend of wisdom and charisma that renders him akin to a lost uncle.

While some may erroneously consign Shan to the bygone era, those in the know, understand that his retreat from the spotlight is a deliberate choice—a testament to his triumph at achieving a higher level of peace.  When MC Shan discovered MC Snow and curating the international hit “Informer, Shizzle hasn’t had to worry about working another day. He jokingly jokes about his hands “not having any callouses” Yet, with this success, he’s remains humble. Even after Daddy Yankee’s Spanish version of the “Informer” song titled “Con Calma”, Shan remains unbothered by the resurgence of the songs legacy. Which of course means another influx of royalty checks! Shan prefers to bask in the simplicity of family bonds and the absence of fame’s glare—a feat few in the industry can claim.

Today, as we revisit the transcendent artistry of MC Shan’sBars over Bullshit,” let us collectively celebrate a true hero—one who has not only shaped the landscape of hip-hop but continues to inspire through his resilience and dedication. To you, Shizzle, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your enduring contributions, and with reverence, we pass the torch onward. 


MC Shan’s Virtual Hip Hop Museum

Bars Over Bullshit: Tracklist

  1. Slide WITH Me
  2. One Man Lives
  3. MC Shan Is What I’m Called
  4. See Me Hang
  5. Bring Back Mc Shan
  6. Bitch Nigga To The Rear
  7. Why You Look So Sad
  8. Mutha Fucka
  9. Fake Thugs
  10. Rock The Bridge
  11. Who Buys You Cars
  12. Is It You & I
  13. Why Are You Acting Shady
  14. Niggas Tried To Hold Me Low
  15. Tell Me If You Still Care
  16. The Don P Status
  17. Who The Fuck Are You
  18. Nigga Please
  19. Wanna Be A Big Star
  20. Dance For Me
  21. Her Name Was Cocaine
  22. Lets Bring Hip Hop Back