The collaborative efforts of Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist have yielded “Voir Dire,” an album that’s taken a unique approach to distribution. This 11-track project is exclusively available as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), allowing fans to stream the album for free while offering additional content and merchandise for purchase. The surprise nature of the album’s release has certainly generated buzz within the music community. The tracklist, which was teased by The Alchemist earlier, took many by surprise due to its unexpectedness. The news of an upcoming performance for “Voir Dire” at London’s Jazz Cafe adds an exciting live element to the project.Released on Gala Music, the platform describes “Voir Dire” as a “digital collectible,” underscoring the album’s status as a unique and exclusive piece of digital art and music.

Track list

  1. 100 High Stree
  2. Vin Skully
  3. Sentry Ft. MIKE
  4. All The Small Things
  5. My Brother, The Wind
  6. 27 Braids
  7. Mac Deuce
  8. Sirius Blac
  9. Geb
  10. Deadzone
  11. Free the Ruler

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