Ozone Park, Queens mastermind Ep Ape recently unleashed 1 minute and 30 seconds of pure innovation in a song titled ‘No Other Hands.’ Listeners will be hard-pressed to find another piece of music as engaging and thought-provoking as this brief yet impactful creation. The sonic textures and voice inflections transport the listener into the darkest corners of Ed’s mind.

No Other Hands” serves as the first glimpse into a deeply personal project undertaken by the artist. The project, currently without a working title, questions the necessity of naming, allowing it to exist in its pure form. The goal is to aid Ed in proper grieving and potentially bring about catharsis. Two years ago Ed was simultaneously working on two full-length albums before the loss of both his father and grandfather putting the albums on the back burner.

Ed plans to share songs and ideas from this journey with his supporters as they occur, later circling back to weave all the ideas together. The completion of this musical cleansing is anticipated to pave the way for Ed to return to completing the two albums he was working on simultaneously. Artistry like this doesn’t come around every day and shouldn’t be rushed. As we await the next glimpse of what Ed has swirling in his mind, we do so with smiles, knowing that artistry like this is scarce but is here for us to witness when the time is right.

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