From BK to PA – The ORIGINAL Bago Wear Brand was founded by Hector Kulian, a well-known graffiti artist from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Kulian leveraged his artistic talents and design expertise to create a brand that resonated with the inner-city community.

Bago Wear became a hub for urban fashion enthusiasts who wanted to bring their creative visions to life without the prohibitive costs associated with high-end design houses. Kulian’s deep roots in the community and his background in graffiti art infused Bago Wear with a unique authenticity and street credibility.

The brand offered a platform for local designers and fashionistas to access quality clothing production and design services, democratizing the fashion industry for those who might not have had the means to enter it otherwise. Bago Wear’s impact went beyond fashion; it played a significant role in the cultural and artistic expression of the community.

By providing an accessible avenue for creative self-expression, Hector Kulian’s Bago Wear brand left a lasting legacy in the inner-city fashion scene, making high-quality, stylish clothing attainable for all.