Everyone’s favorite tongue rolling, swag dripping Mexican give us some new visuals from chart climbing “Lonestar Luchado” album. Sploosh God assists OT with some added flames to add even more flavor to the already spicy track. If you haven’t already picked up your tickets for the Lonestar Luchado Tour, go ahead and do that now. Don’t say we didn’t remind you! They are going FAST!

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Lonestar Luchador tracklist:

  1. Commentator Skit 1 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)
  2. Skelz
  3. Johnny Dang (ft. Paul Wall & DRODi)
  4. Opp Or 2 (ft. Maxo Kream)
  5. Breannan
  6. Commentator Skit 2 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)
  7. Hit List (ft. BigXThaPlug & Big Yavo)
  8. Barrio (ft. Lefty SM)
  9. 15 Missed Calls (ft. Sploosh God)
  10. Commentator Skit 3 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)
  11. OMG
  12. Groovin
  13. Be Careful Texas
  14. Conscience Skit (ft. Ralph Barbosa)
  15. Cowboy In New York
  16. Spanky Tommy Lee Skit (ft. Ralph Barbosa)
  17. Cowboy Killer
  18. Matagorda ft. Hogg Booma