Cymarshall Law and Slimline Mutha have just unveiled their collaborative album “The Peaceful Warrior,” accompanied by fresh visuals from the project’s lead track, “Burn Bright.” After an early preview of the album, it’s evident that this might be Cy’s most potent project to date. Dive into our detailed thoughts on the album, and then be sure to connect with Cy and Slim via the links below to purchase and follow their “The Peaceful Warrior” journey.

The Peaceful Warrior Tracklist:

  1. Warren Peace Intro (feat. DJ Phillip Lee)
  2. Burn Bright (feat. DJ Phillip Lee)
  3. Outside Looking In
  4. The Orator
  5. Doing My Thang
  6. The Pressure
  7. Find the Top
  8. The Peaceful Warrior
  9. Soul Mates (feat. Kafeeno)
  10. Competitive Man
  11. Palm of My Hand
  12. Royalty
  13. Speak it into Existence
  14. Lost (Peter Anguria)
  15. Insecure
  16. Keep Growing (feat. Talk2Francis)


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