New Jersey veteran Cymarshall Law and long-time collaborator UK Producer Slimline Mutha unveil their first-ever collaborative project, “The Peaceful Warrior”. A special shout-out to the good people over at Freedom Entertainment for giving us an advanced listen to the new project. Now, let’s dive in and explore some initial thoughts.

From the moment I got a glimpse of the artwork, I was immediately intrigued. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a good anime, fantasy, or Kung Fu flick, so it’s no surprise that it grabbed my attention. It’s artwork you’d expect from a soon-to-be-released high-power martial arts movie.

Right from the outset, Cymarshall Law encapsulates the essence of the album art through his lyrics and tone, drawing a parallel of a philosophical warrior on a truth-seeking mission. This courageous character traverses the world, guided only by his honor and hidden lyrical mastery that at any time can and will be used to decimate those who seek to cause harm.

Cy wastes no time on the opening track ‘Burn Bright.’ He promptly unveils his concealed power and engages in playful auditory acrobatics, He opens playfully with, “Confession time, guilty sin… one of my favorites, these Bitches are salty… too bad for them, I love Potato Chips.” It’s an acknowledging wink, that wordplay is in his arsenal. It evokes the image of “the warrior” slyly smirking as he astonishes his audience by generating energy in his hands to perform magic tricks. “

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In “Outside Looking In,” Cy seamlessly transitions to an honest introspective look into his life, shedding the rapper persona and giving us a glimpse of his human side. This motif of positive and negative battles continues to weave its way through the project, offering listeners a multifaceted experience.

Slimeline Mutha’s production is a brilliant complement to Cy’s mission on this project. It serves as the perfect vessel to convey Cy’s vision, creating a sonic landscape that perfectly encapsulates the duality he explores throughout the album.

As a whole, this project is a showcase of high-level lyricism wrapped in masterful production. It carries a message of duality, highlighting the peaceful and warrior sides of Cymarshall Law. One thing is abundantly clear: Cy refuses to conform to trends and remains dedicated to preserving the original boom-bap sound while infusing it with up-to-date lyrics and production.

The artwork and content come together to form a symbolic package that is a must-listen for any true Hip-Hop connoisseur. It’s a project that not only pays homage to the genre’s roots but also pushes it forward with innovation and authenticity.

The Peaceful Warrior Tracklist:

  1. Warren Peace Intro (feat. DJ Phillip Lee)
  2. Burn Bright (feat. DJ Phillip Lee)
  3. Outside Looking In
  4. The Orator
  5. Doing My Thang
  6. The Pressure
  7. Find the Top
  8. The Peaceful Warrior
  9. Soul Mates (feat. Kafeeno)
  10. Competitive Man
  11. Palm of My Hand
  12. Royalty
  13. Speak it into Existence
  14. Lost (Peter Anguria)
  15. Insecure
  16. Keep Growing (feat. Talk2Francis)


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