This summer, the up-and-coming artist L.A Gellis released his first project under the “Take Flight Society” imprint, titled “T.W.O.O.T.” Today, the swag lord himself has unveiled the first visuals from the “T.W.O.O.T” project, featuring the lead-off track “Right Now.” It’s a bold and exciting step for the emerging artist, and fans can expect an immersive visual experience that complements the vibrant soundscapes of the project. Stay tuned for more from L.A Gellis as he continues to stake his claim in the music scene.

T.W.O.O.T Tracklist:

  1. Right Now
  2. End of the Road (feat. Red Mcfly)
  3. Alone
  4. What It Do
  5. Jose Cuervo/Chaser (feat. Mac Vill)
  6. Yellow
  7. City Girlz
  8. Slow It Down
  9. T.W.O.O.T

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