Previously known for his exceptional skills in “cooking” MCs on the mic with his impressive lyrical abilities, Lyrics Born is now enjoying success in a different kind of cooking domain—his own cooking show.

During the pandemic, the talented artist, Lyrics Born, embarked on a journey to explore his cultural heritage and develop distinctive recipes that would appeal to the TikTok generation and beyond. His unique creations aim to blend various cultures, reflecting his own background of being half Japanese and half Jewish. This culinary adventure resulted in the creation of his cooking show, “Dinner In Place,” which has gained significant popularity and is now entering its fourth season.

Lyrics Born on the set of Dinner In Place


In its previous seasons, the series achieved great success by condensing recipes into a format suitable for easy consumption on social media. For the upcoming Season 4, the show plans to continue this trend by offering both short-form and full-length cuts of the recipes. Additionally, viewers can look forward to the inclusion of guest chefs who will bring their expertise and creativity to the table. This mix of content is set to provide a delightful culinary experience that caters to a wide range of audiences and cooking preferences.

“I’m excited for the all new everything we’ve been able to put in place for Dinner In Place Season 4. For the first time, we’ve been able to take our creativity, exploration and recipes into a whole new playing field as I’m joined by some amazing talent helping us create what I know is the best season yet!”

Exciting news for fans! Season 4 of “Dinner In Place” will be available for viewing starting July 12 on Lyrics Born’s YouTube channel @lyricsborntv. Additionally, you can catch the short form version of the episodes on the Instagram accounts of both “Dinner In Place” (@dinnerinplace) and Lyrics Born (@lyricsborn). Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in to witness the culinary delights and cultural fusion that Lyrics Born has prepared for this new season of his cooking show. It promises to be a delectable and entertaining experience for all!