That’s where the real currency is. We’re electric people. Money is an illusion, it’s the trade – The trade of energy.  That’s the real currency”

I found it hard not to agree. As my conversation with Tru progressed, I found myself increasingly drawn to the natural flow of our interaction. It felt effortless, the frequency and energy was consistent, easy, & fluid, reminiscent of what kept me coming back to the “High Vibes Only” EP.

I was lost in thought driving on auto pilot as most of us do on a long commute, when my senses began to awaken to a soulful gritty cadence heard softly in the background. The melodic backdrop casted a welcomed spell of tranquility and introspection, allowing my thoughts to flow freely,  snapshots of Summertime came alive, each frame capturing a precious moment, a fragment of joy and nostalgia.

My ears began to perk searching for the first audible voice to latch on too, when I heard “Just face the facts it’s over, we heard about the shit you told her, you keep coming up with the same shit, and she’s giving you the cold shoulder”. Turns out that voice belonged  to Middy Murdoc, a fellow Brick City Emcee enlisted by Tru Trilla to assist conveying his message on “It’s Over”.  The two NJ natives fluently weave cautionary examples of how neglect and lack of foresight can ruin a relationship with a significant other. Except the significant other here is Hip-Hop. As soon as the concept flip registered in my brain, I was all in.


It’s not balanced out. I understand in this day and age, hip-hop has become a huge genre, but it needs to be balanced out. We can’t have too much of something because we’re going to miss out on something else. I believe everything is a learning experience. Even if it’s wack, it’s a learning experience not to do it. If it’s dope, the lesson is I have to top that. There’s always something you can take away from a situation to help you go up.

As his words sank in, I couldn’t help but to reminisce about groups like De-La Soul, NWA, Kid N Play, and Public Enemy sharing the same stage. Each group had a unique impact through their visuals, music styles, and conveyed messages. Their collective diversity catered to a wide range of tastes, creating a harmonious and comprehensive experience. These profound insights, like Tru’s, can only come from someone who has extensively studied or witnessed the genre’s evolution first hand. Tru undeniably possesses these qualifications.

Tru has been surrounded by Hip-Hop royalty since his youth. Living just down the street from NJ legends Lakim Shabazz & Precious is just scratching the surface.

My big bro Mark lived across the street from me and everybody went to his studio to perform. Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, this was when they were just getting on and stuff. Chill Rob G. would come around there too . So I would see them all. I was also fortunate enough to see Another NJ legend Double O come up.  It was a blessing to be able to grow up around legends and see that.

Growing up in this Hip-Hop utopian environment is strongly evident throughout the “High Vibes Only EP.” It is not conveyed through any legendary features, but rather through the captivating vibes it exudes. The essence of Tru’s music goes beyond mere entertainment; it reflects his upbringing and the very fabric of his life. Every track on the “High Vibes EP” is a glimpse of his soul gently wrapped by the sounds of Phil Basini .

Tru is currently working on a plethora of projects, one of which is his highly anticipated sequel to the gritty “God of Barz” album – “God of Barz 2”.  AOR will definitely be checking in with the Brick City legend when he’s ready to unleash it to the world. For now we highly recommend checking out the “High Vibes Only EP“. It’s the perfect sound track for the Summer. You won’t be Disappointed.

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