New Villain: Behind The Mask

In a world where creativity and enigma intertwine, an elusive artist known as New Villan exists. Just four months ago, we embarked on a quest fueled by curiosity to unveil the person behind the mask. We were fortunate enough to gain a rare glimpse into his artistic evolution, inner world, and thought process. Shall we…

Quick Chat With L.A Gellis And Some Bars.

L.A Gellis recently sat down with AOR for a Spit On The Spot collaboration. During this brief conversation, he discussed his musical journey, upcoming albums, and blessed us with some bars LISTEN T.W.O.O.T Connect with L.A Gellis: IG

High Vibes Only EP

Tru Trilla X AOR Talk “High Vibes Only” EP

That’s where the real currency is. We’re electric people. Money is an illusion, it’s the trade – The trade of energy.  That’s the real currency” I found it hard not to agree. As my conversation with Tru progressed, I found myself increasingly drawn to the natural flow of our interaction. It felt effortless, the frequency…