In the heart of the sprawling Southwest desert, a profound transformation is underway, a relentless force that is poised to step into the limelight. This is no ordinary evolution; it’s the birth of change and innovation that has been steadily gathering momentum.

This crescendo of change is known as the ‘Concrete Piñatas.’ Their enigmatic charm weaves a spell that takes hold of imaginations, casting an enchantment as captivating as it is irresistible. What truly sets this phenomenon apart is the ever-expanding legion that stands united, collectively known as the ‘Con-Cretins,’ or ‘Con-Qets‘ if you’re of the female species.

These individuals are not just followers. They are the architects of a dynamic and creative community—a congregation of kindred spirits bound together by a shared vision: an unwavering commitment to the audacious pursuit of the extraordinary.

Hydrating with some ‘Con-Qets (photo courtesy of @Foto_Ninjah)

To be clear, this is no hasty endeavor. It’s a carefully planned strategic charge. Each member of this crusade plays a vital role, akin to a cog in a meticulously designed machine. Driven by a deep understanding of the music business and its inner workings, it’s a rapidly evolving movement, offering a unique take unlike anything you’ve seen.

Spear heading this anomaly are lead vocalists Francisco Keys and Curándero Sagrado, guided by the masterful production of The Premonist. Together, their talents and creative synergy form the nucleus of a movement that’s pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

The Premonist utilizes his mastery of hard-hitting, unorthodox soundscapes to envelop your senses, whisking the listener away to an alternate realm. The vibrations become a portal to a world where ancient Sirens of legend seem to beckon, guiding you into the clutches of Francisco Keys & Curándero Sagrado.

“Originally, I went with a concept: it was as if there was a Mexican garage band in the 60s aiming to create unique music using only the instruments available during that era. Those were the initial thoughts, and I built upon them. I was captivated by the sound I was uncovering, and that’s where it all began. Once Curándero and Francisco joined in on vocals, we progressed from there.” – The Premonist

The Premonist (photo courtesy of @Foto_Ninjah)

Yet, their musical prowess is but a fraction of the experience. Attending one of their shows is a plunge into a different universe altogether. It’s not merely a concert; it is a transformative journey to a realm where music transcends mere performance. A place where sound and environment alter fluidly before your very eyes.

In this immersive experience, the lines between reality and art blur into a magnificent tapestry of imagination and emotion. You’re no longer just an observer; you’re an active participant, intricately woven into the fabric of this unfolding narrative.

Whether you’re fervently nodding your head to their genre-bending sounds or enthusiastically smashing piñatas filled with birth control pills – yes, you heard that right – every moment becomes a visceral engagement. It’s a multisensory adventure.

Serious Ego (photo courtesy of @Foto_Ninjah)


“It’s all live. The Premonist plays his MPC through my loop machine as I edit what he’s doing in real-time. I add some of my loop stuff, which is the electronic side you hear. Then, there’s a live guitar along with all the other local live elements. It’s all live. Many of the clubs we’ve recently played at had to purchase additional hardware because they didn’t know how to accommodate a band. They assumed, ‘Oh, they’re just bringing a DJ.’ No. We’re a band. It’s all live. – All Hail Pan”

Curándero Sagrado (photo courtesy of @Foto_Ninjah)


“We’re a collective. We’re all inclusive., It’s for everybody. You can’t pinpoint our genre because you’ve never seen it before. We’ve already tried the traditional hip hop thing , we got bored with it. We we’re like, lets do something else.”  – Curándero Sagrado

“I wouldn’t put us in a specific box. But people will probably say were like on some jugglo nonsense of some hip-hop ,this and that. And that ain’t no disrespect to no one. It just comes down to being dope and original. We’re not into being pigeon holed into one genre.  We just want this to be just dope. If you think this is dope – whether you’re a rocker, trasher, skater, hip-hop head, whatever the hell you are – if you fuck with our shit? Hell yeah, come along with us and jump on this fucking wave.” – Franciso Key

Francisco Keys (photo courtesy of the artist)

The artistry of the Concrete Piñatas and their Concretions transcends the boundaries of music and live performances. Delve into their world through the “Concrete Corner‘ web-series, and you’ll witness the ‘Con-Cretins‘ in their wild, unfiltered glory. As they tornado through their home state of Arizona, their adventures unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways, occasionally even flirting with danger. Anything to achieve their artistic vision.

The outcome of these escapades is a highly addictive, no-frills show filled with crazy antics, uproarious stories, and music videos. What’s truly remarkable is that the production of this web-series is produced soley by theCon-Cretins themselves, a testament to the strength and versatility of this dynamic collective.

United by their passion, the Concrete Piñatas and their ‘Con-Cretins’ ignite a spark within us all. They inspire us to explore the unknown, find beauty in the unexpected, and wholeheartedly embrace the wonderful world of awkwardness.

As they continue to gain momentum, we can only anticipate that things will become even more fascinating as their influence expands.

So, get ready, because the Concrete Piñatas are about to make their mark on the creative landscape where chaos reigns supreme.

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Concrete Corner Season Finale