‘Yo, Earthgang! Singing along with you! Love, Bobby B,’ wrote Sandler.

After releasing their Water Boy-inspired single and music video titled “Bobby Boucher,” EARTHGANG received recognition from none other than the Water Boy himself, Adam Sandler. Sandler expressed his approval and support for the video by giving a shoutout to the hip-hop duo on Twitter. He wrote, “Yo, Earthgang! Singing along with you! Love, Bobby B,” showing his appreciation for the homage paid to his iconic character. The seal of approval from the famous actor and comedian further adds to the excitement and praise surrounding EARTHGANG’s creative talents.

Last year, the Atlanta duo EARTHGANG released a deluxe version of their highly praised album, “Ghetto Gods.” The deluxe edition included five additional tracks, offering remixes, new songs, and reimagined versions of fan-favorite album tracks. To enhance the experience, EARTHGANG collaborated with notable artists like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Smino, and Blxckie, who added their unique flair to the songs. The “Ghetto Gods (Deluxe)” further solidified the album’s acclaim and delighted fans with fresh and exciting collaborations.

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