Estee Nack Is Back With His Strongest Project Since “Joan Manuel Serrap”

Estee Nack’s latest project opens with a harmonious rendition on “The Constitution,” setting a smooth, effortless tone as Estee gently feeds the listener gems. The flow continues seamlessly with “DonJulioRapasodo,” maintaining the project’s mellow frequency. By the third track, “Rudeboy,” Estee transitions into a gritty flow, beloved by fans, backed by heavy drums. This gritty onslaught persists in “Arma Get It In” before reaching a pinnacle in “Serpents and Kings,” where Estee masterfully bends and pulls syllables. Throughout the album, Estee showcases his signature style and textures, culminating in the smooth yet gritty melody of “Glenlivet.”

Estee Nack’s unorthodox flow might challenge some listeners, but this project strikes a perfect balance. It offers casual listeners an accessible experience while providing lyrical connoisseurs with the unique style that distinguishes Estee from his peers. This equilibrium is a key ingredient that makes this release one of Estee Nack’s most complete and cohesive projects to date. It’s clear Boneweso was the perfect fit for this mission as he single handily soundscaped this project in a true symbiotic nature.



  1. The Constitution (Intro)
  2. DonJulioReposado
  3. Rudeboy
  4. Armagettin’
  5. Serpents & Kings
  6. Story Mode
  7. Kaos (Reset)
  8. $1000 Tip
  9. TelegramTrap
  10. Playstation1
  11. Intriguin
  12. MirkoCrocop Ft. Al Divino
  13. 25Glenlivet

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