Long-time collaborators Cymarshall Law and Slimline Mutha have a surprise for their fans with the unexpected release of an EP this Friday. AOR got it first! Let’s plunge right into it

The title track “Keep Creating” opens the project with a braggadocious tone, featuring cheeky punchlines and metaphors that progressively tighten throughout Cymar’s cadence and the track’s lifecycle. This is in line with what Cymar fans have come to expect. In “Inspired by Pumpkinhead,” Cymar pays homage by bringing into fruition a song he mentally envisioned in the style of the late Brooklyn, MC. making the first major callback to the EP’s title, “Keep Creating.”

The middle portion of the EP continues to emphasize the project’s motif of creativity, with high-quality visual stabs from Cymar as the vessel via “Buck, Buck, Buck,” “Revealing Character,” and “Can’t Touch We.”

Cymarshall Law & Slimline Mutha - Keep Creating (EP)
By: Cymarshall Law & Slimline Mutha

The project concludes perfectly with the standout track “3 Wishes,” where Cy showcases his storytelling skills by immersing listeners in the world of Stevie, an ambitious young man who finds a genie lamp and quickly learns the age-old lesson, be careful what you wish for. This serves as a fitting ending, reinforcing the project’s mission statement: Keep Creating. For fans of Cymarshall Law and Slimline Mutha, this EP is the perfect serving size to hold them over until the next collaboration.


  1. Keep Creating
  2. Inspired By Pumpkinhead
  3. Buck Buck Buck
  4. Revealing Character
  5. Can’t Touch We
  6. 3 Wishes

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