When long-time collaborators Trilly Trills, Prince Ak, and Tru Trilla join forces, they become the collective known as Jersey Gore. In this configuration, the Brick city veterans utilize the opportunity to elevate each other’s lyrical prowess across a gritty 7-track project, named “Newark” but pronounced as “Nork” – a clever play on words. Each verse serves to sharpen the next, creating a seamless progression.

As a unified group, their cohesion feels entirely natural; their voices blend harmoniously with the production by Johnny Slash. “Switch Siders” and “Spun Out” stand out as pinnacle examples of the collectives strength. A must have for any connoisseur.


“Nork” Tracklist:

  1. In and Out
  2. Rollin’
  3. John Dough
  4. GOAT
  5. Switch Siders
  6. Spun Out
  7. Attention

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