Leadgeon, a respected indie artist and producer from Queens, NY, has unveiled his latest album titled ‘Clemency.’ The 10-track release features collaborations with Maine The Medicine, Will Sully, and Bottemline, along with the skit “Catacomb.”.

With ‘Clemency,’ Leadgeon showcases his well-honed skill in delivering timeless music. Remaining true to his New York origins, he presents a fusion of gritty and raw sounds that interweave with distinct basslines and drums, accompanied by soulful undertones. Throughout the album, Leadgeon offers a glimpse into his lyrical prowess, characterized by clever wordplay and rhymes.

Clemency on Spotify

  1. Power (Intro) (Ft. Will Sully)
  2. Jabar & Bird (Ft. Will Sully)
  3. 100
  4. Clemency
  5. Kill Shot (Ft. Will Sully)
  6. Catacomb (Skit)
  7. Money Maintain (Ft. Bottemline)
  8. Top of the World
  9. Catacomb 718 (Ft. Maine the Medicine & Will Sully)
  10. Bully

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