If you’re not familiar with Allentown, PA artist Mac Vill, I highly recommend getting familiar and looking him up. His debut album “Arted Mental”, is a strong introduction. When it comes to debuts you couldn’t ask for a better first Impression.

Mac Vill’s versatility is on full display as each track flexes a myriad of different rhyme patterns and flows. In the opening track, aptly titled “Wonder,” Mac Vill skillfully acquaints the listener with his persona, offering an intimate and introspective glimpse into his life. Through poignant lines such as “I still feel like my niggas lack the knowledge, or just don’t acknowledge where it got them,” he candidly reflects on the circumstances and choices that have shaped his world.

This introspective exploration serves as a testament to Mac Vill’s profound insight, which transcends his years, revealing a depth of wisdom that is both impressive and thought-provoking.

Following this introspective introduction, Mac Vill transitions seamlessly to “Portside,” providing the listener with a different vantage point. In this track, he adopts a slightly accelerated cadence and employs a sharper, more incisive delivery. This stylistic shift offers a contrasting perspective, showcasing his ability to navigate diverse lyrical approaches with precision, while still delivering substance.

The third track, “All In,” gently ushers in reggae vibes, adding another layer of rich diversity to the already vibrant tapestry of flavors present in the project. Then arrives “System Check,” a showcase of Mac’s true mastery over his craft. He shapes his speech into an instrument, starting with a deliberate, bass-heavy flow. Gradually, he accelerates, his syllables becoming a rapid-fire cascade that dances over the beat. It’s a mesmerizing demonstration of linguistic dexterity, each syllable a carefully placed note in a symphony of rhythm and meaning.

In a seamless transition, REEM & D.I.6. join forces with Mac on “Patient“, infusing the track with a medley of musical styles. It’s as if they’ve tossed a variety of genres into a musical blender and hit “blend.” The result? A concoction that seamlessly melds present-day bounce and trap flows with the timeless essence of 1960s R&B. The auditory experience is nothing short of transformative, like being mentally transported to an old-school ice cream parlor while still rocking a casually cool, backward-fitted cap.

The track becomes a sonic time machine, whisking listeners through eras and genres with finesse. It’s a reminder that music has the remarkable power to evoke memories, feelings, and imagery, just as vivid as a well-painted scene.

The track titled “Neon” aptly introduces an electronic atmosphere into the mix. It’s like a surge of neon lights illuminating the musical landscape. In a compelling twist, Mac engages in a lyrical exchange with the opposite sex. His words seem to stretch, elongating like the lingering echo of a final note, all while his delivery reaches crescendos akin to an expertly arched free throw.

The conversation between lyrics and beats is a dance, each element complementing the other in a harmonious rhythm. In “Just Talk,” The interstellar ambiance persists, almost painting a vivid mental picture of Mac sporting a command uniform, addressing his crew through his verses while voyaging through the vast cosmos.

As if intuitively attuned to the listener’s needs, Mac transitions seamlessly to “The Sun.” Here, the tempo eases into a smooth and languid delivery, akin to a cooldown after a series of dynamic workouts presented in the earlier tracks. The song becomes a sonic oasis, offering a tranquil pause amidst the varied tempos and styles that have unfolded so far.

Real Thing” follows suit with its velvety, buttery flows. Mac’s voice intertwines with the melody, akin to a slow dance where he’s intimately whispering to the beat. It’s a moment of raw authenticity, where imperfections are acknowledged and embraced unapologetically. In this vulnerability, the listener finds a connection, a resonance with the artist’s true self.

Just as you’re getting comfortable with this introspection, Mac injects a jolt of vibrant energy with “What.” Collaborating once again with D.I.6., the track exudes the carefree spirit of a roller rink, where laughter and movement intertwine. Mialyse’s vocals grace the track, their sweetness evoking a sensation akin to an embrace you wish you could physically feel.

The journey concludes with “High Tide,” a track that introduces Mac’s label mate, L.A. Gellis. As the project draws to a close, there’s a crescendo of sensuality and allure. It’s like the culmination of a whirlwind ride, leaving you with a sense of seductive magnetism that lingers even as the music fades.

This project is an artistic odyssey, traversing an array of emotions, styles, and atmospheres. Mac’s dynamic not only lies in his lyrical prowess but also in his ability to orchestrate an auditory experience that transcends genres, inviting listeners to traverse a landscape of feelings, memories, and reflections.

The emergence of such a comprehensive and cohesive offering from an up-and-coming artist is indeed a rarity and serves to underscore the magnitude of Mac Vill’s potential impact on the musical landscape.


  1. Wonder
  2. Portside
  3. All In
  4. System Check
  5. Patient ft. REEM & D.I.6
  6. Neon
  7. Just Talk
  8. The Sun
  9. Real Thing
  10. What ft. Mialyse & D.I.6
  11. High Tide ft. L.A Gellis

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