Emerging from the vibrant artistic scene of Phoenix, Sycksyllables, an artist of distinct origins, possesses a background marked by an intriguing duality. Raised amidst the contrasting landscapes of California and the cartel-affected territory of Sonora, Mexico, his upbringing has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on his artistic perspective. Notably, he chooses to channel his lyrical prowess exclusively in Spanish, a feat that showcases his linguistic finesse and cultural authenticity.

What further underscores his artistic prowess is his ability to attract top-tier American talents such as Termanology, Grafh and King Magnetic to collaborate on his “Plaugeboyz” project. Produced soley by Mexican Emcee/Producer Eptos Uno. The project is filled with top tier Spanish and American independent artist. For you Americans, now is the time to dust off that copy of Rosetta Stone .

Kicking off with “Sigo,” meaning “continue on” in Spanish, Syck offers a personal chronicle of his street experiences. The song delves into his efforts to navigate a perilous lifestyle while working from his vehicle, all in the quest to return safely to his home and be there for his children. The narrative encapsulates the challenges, risks, and steadfast dedication to secure a brighter future for his family.

Syck enlists Hip-Hop veteran’s Sinful and Dyablo on “Paralelo” for some good ole’ fashion criminology slang. Moving on to track three, Ill Máscaras, who intriguingly is recognized for sporting a Luchador mask – talk about stylish – contributes with clever bars on “Syck Máscaras.” Massachusetts heavyweight Termanology makes an appearance on track four brining the bars he’s known for along side Eptos Uno. “El paso” is next, peep the visual treatment below to see what it’s all about.

In a surprising turn of events on “Spanglish 3,” the Pennsylvania heavyweight King Magnetic steps into the spotlight with an unprecedented display of linguistic versatility. Known for his lyrical prowess in English, King Magnetic takes his artistry to new heights by delivering a series of bars in Spanglish—a fusion of Spanish and English alongside, veteran powerhouse Grafh.

Transitioning off the King Magnetic and Grafh verbal assault, Sycksyllables links up with Dentrow for some more dopeboy bars. The final track in this Sycks offering, “Dolor y Risa” delves into the unwavering perseverance that defined Syck’s journey, even during the most challenging times when he felt utterly defeated.

Despite the hardships he faced, his determination to succeed never wavered, as he consistently devoted himself to the grind, pushing boundaries and putting in relentless effort. What once inflicted pain upon him has ultimately become the driving force that forged his character, shaping the individual he is today. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, it’s definitely worth a listen.


  1. Sigo
  2. Paralelo ft. Sinful and Dyablo 
  3. Syck Máscaras ft. Ill máscaras
  4. Spanglish pt 2.  ft, Termanology & Eptos Uno
  5. El paso
  6. Spanglish 3 ft. King Magnetic
  7. Plagueboyz ft. Dentrow
  8. Dolor y Risa

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