Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware Lynn Massacheuttes is a hot bed for talent. Just incase you forgot, Nyesui Loe is here to remind us with his “Soul Crime” project. Not only does he deliver on the rawness, he brings the swag along with it. Listen to “My Way” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Cashew’s production is the perfect vehicle to drive the vibe Nyesui is giving us. Get familiar early. I have a feeling he’ll be pumping out a lot of gems at a rapid pace. Nobody likes to play catch up!

Word on the street is he’s been working in the Mini Mansion, and If you know about the Mansion, then you know the clip stays loaded over there. Hit the links below to cop it straight from the source early. Quick note. If you’re wondering who “???” is on track 4, you’re just going to have to follow the movement, to figure out who the”Hidden Characters” are. I did ya’ll a solid and posted Nyseui Loe’s IG below to help ya’ll follow along. Available on all DSP’s soon!



  2. My Way
  3. Fiji Water Ft. WST. Taylor, Smello & Op Shiz
  4. Hidden Characters Ft. ???
  5. Tripplebeamdream
  6. I’m Mad

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