After disappearing for a decade, Philadelphia’s premier graffiti photojournalist has resurfaced.

In the realm of Philadelphia graffiti journalism, one name truly stands out as a trailblazer and a driving force. Silent Wrytes has become an iconic figure of graffiti journalism in the city, skillfully capturing the very essence and dynamic energy of its vibrant underground culture.

His journey as a documentarian began shortly after stumbling upon the Allentown flood wall in 1998, where legends such as SOEONE (R.I.P.), Nace (R.I.P.), Pursue COD, Mone BFK, and many more had left their burners. Following his passion, Silent Wrytes swiftly became synonymous with Philadelphia’s graffiti culture, capturing the city through his ever-active lens by the early 2000s.

Photo © [SOEONE Box Car Junkiez]

That wall, that piece particularly, really motivated me to learn more about graffiti.

 His dedication to this form of journalism reflects a commitment to capturing the pulse of the city’s streets and preserving its legacy.

On August 13, 2013, the Silent Wrytes team made the abrupt decision to go offline, redirecting their energies toward curating a comprehensive book showcasing the extensive collection amassed by the SW team in relation to Philadelphia graffiti. Fast forward to present day, and Silent Wrytes has suddenly returned online and there’s a renewed focus and attention on the Philadelphia graffiti scene. AOR reached out to the elusive Silent Wrytes & his team to understand what brought them out the shadows before the books completion? His answer was short and sweet.

I am not done. I have a lot of documenting left in me.

In a world where authenticity and honesty are paramount, the Silent Wrytes team has managed to establish a distinct presence, celebrating the allure and authenticity of Philadelphia’s clandestine graffiti scene. In a realm where historical records are prone to distortion or disappearance without proper documentation, the resurgence of Silent Wrytes emerges as a fortunate stroke of luck for the city of Philadelphia.

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