The Houston-Area Emcee Makes Like an Old School Villain in the Video for “Cowboy Killer,” a Highlight From New Album “Lonestar Luchador

Accompanying the tour announcement, OT releases the “Cowboy Killer” video from his album Lonestar Luchador. The song draws from Vaudeville and classic Country murder ballads, showcasing OT’s rugged singing and embracing his antagonist image. The track evolves from haunting melodies to rapid rhymes, solidifying OT as a wanted figure in Texas. The video depicts OT on his horse across the Texan landscape, relishing his outlaw lifestyle.

“Lonestar Luchador” is a concept album that connects the rap scene with Mexican wrestling, blending diverse influences and pop culture nods into OT’s Texan musical style. This ambitious album draws parallels between the two worlds and showcases OT’s unique sound.

Hailing from Bay City, TX, That Mexican OT uniquely captures Texas culture in his rap work. He takes pride in representing the Third Coast and showcases this in his album “Lonestar Luchador,” which beautifully blends various elements that define the Texan essence.


Following his breakout hit “Johnny Dang,” ft. Paul Wall & DRODi Mexican OT’s concept album “Lonestar Luchador” arrives, gaining traction through TikTok and Instagram snippets, amassing 11 million views. The song’s success is evident with 23 million Spotify streams and 14 million YouTube views in six weeks. Johnny Dang” ranked high on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 chart and reached #96 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track also claimed spots on the Hot Rap Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at 19 and 27 respectively. OT’s “From The Ranch” version of “Johnny Dang” gained Twitter virality, leading to a second “From The Ranch” performance of “Cowboy Killer” by filmmaker AZae. OT adorned Spotify’s “Most Necessary” Playlist cover, featuring “Johnny Dang” and “Barrio.” 

With the new Lonestar Luchador LP out now, his “Johnny Dang” single climbing charts, and a tour on the way, That Mexican OT is ready to apply his finishing move!

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Lonestar Luchador tracklist:

1.Commentator Skit 1 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)

2. Skelz

3. Johnny Dang (ft. Paul Wall & DRODi)

4. Opp Or 2 (ft. Maxo Kream)

5. Breannan

6. Commentator Skit 2 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)

7. Hit List (ft. BigXThaPlug & Big Yavo)

8. Barrio (ft. Lefty SM)

9. 15 Missed Calls (ft. Sploosh God)

10. Commentator Skit 3 (ft. Ralph Barbosa)

11. OMG

12. Groovin

13. Be Careful Texas

14. Conscience Skit (ft. Ralph Barbosa)

15. Cowboy In New York

16. Spanky Tommy Lee Skit (ft. Ralph Barbosa)

17. Cowboy Killer

18. Matagorda ft. Hogg Booma

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