Vinny Paz gives us the first taste off this new “All Are Guest In The House Of God” LP- Entirely produced by C-Lance.

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All Are Guest In The House Of God Tracklist:

  1. Drug Church
  2. Oil Drums 
  3. Koresh Babylon 
  4. The Jungle is a Shapeshifter 
  5. 2000 Shot Barrage
  6. Nero Caesar 
  7. Impaler 
  8. Swift Chancellor 
  9. Slow March to the Burial 
  10. Peace Means Violence 
  11. Terry Funk ain’t Wear no Mouthpiece 
  12. Yemeni Telephone Number 
  13. Balla Ejj 
  14. Beausoleil Wiretaps 
  15. Praise the Witch 
  16. La Pulga 
  17. Valentino Dueling Gloves 
  18. Murder is an Artform 

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