Mega Ran bring us a dual video off his critically acclaimed children’s album “Buddy’s Magic Toybox“. “Buddy’s Magic Toybox” is currently up for Grammy consideration, and for good reason. Peep the vid, get the album, and support true authenticity.

Buddy’s Magic Toybox

Buddy’s Magic Toybox Tracklist:

  1. Count Me In
  2. Special To Me
  3. Recess (feat. JER and Stacked Like Pancakes)
  4. The Story Of Rap
  5. Gimme The Fruit (feat. Whitney Peyton)
  6. That’s Okay (feat. Kadesh Flow)
  7. That’s a Bully! (Feat Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
  8. Good Day (feat. G . Love & Special Sauce)
  9. Big and Scary
  10. Loveable and Capable
  11. Friends Winning (feat. Koo Koo)
  12. Goodnight, Baby

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