In episode 3, Westside Gunn offers a glimpse into his deep passion for fashion and his collaboration with KidSuper. The album, “And Then You Pray For Me,” is now completed and submitted, marking a moment for celebration. While in New York City, Westside Gunn is engaged in the process of sequencing and adding the final touches to the album with Daringer. The episode provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind the album’s latest merchandise drop, including the individuals responsible for graphic designs.

Westside Gunn also shares his strong brotherly bond with Virgil Abloh and highlights the designs that Virgil created specifically for him before his unfortunate passing. Additionally, he discusses his new works of art and jewelry that pay tribute to Virgil’s legacy. As the anticipation builds for one of the most highly awaited albums of the year, this episode offers a unique and unprecedented look at Westside Gunn’s creative journey. “And Then You Pray For Me” is on the horizon, promising an exciting release for his fans.

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